The Realty Exchange Firm is a leader in the REO services industry because we effectively and efficiently dispose of REO assets in a manner that is to the highest benefit to our client. We focus on your bottom line and increase your profitability. A complete multi-lingual support staff assists our experienced REO real estate professionals that deliver on tasks fast.

REO Mission Statement: Provide the highest quality asset management and disposition services that maximize returns and minimize holding costs for our clients.

The following is a list of services we render to dispose of your assets.

Broker Price Opinion (BPO): REO Valuation: Exterior, Interior and Neighborhood Analysis

  • Accurate market analysis with detailed market conditions
  • Relevant sold and listing comparables
  • Strengths and weaknesses analysis
  • As-is and as-repaired valuations
  • Rent control analysis
  • Marketability, environmental and repair evaluation
  • Exhaustive subject property photos – Interior, Exterior, Neighbors, Street
  • 24-48 Hour BPO turn-around featuring electronic delivery
  • Buyer target recommendations

Property Procurement (taking control of property)

  • Initial property status inspection report – immediate upon assignment
  • Occupancy and vacancy status check
  • Sheriff appointment supervision
  • Lock-out services
  • Re-key services
  • Eviction solutions
  • Cash for keys
  • 18-day trash-out posting and certified mailing
  • Personal property removal procedure explained to former owner(s)
  • Instruct renters on new procedures: rent payments, etc.

Property Enhancement & Preservation (repair, preparation, and maintenance)

  • Trash-out services
  • Licensed and bonded contractor list for fast and competitive bid process
  • Extensive before and photo galleries for all work completed
  • Detailed written repair and status report to complement photos
  • Install lock-boxes
  • Bi-weekly physical subject property inspection
  • Law enforcement notification if property is vacant for extra security
  • Security evaluation
  • Utilities turned on
  • Lawn care, pool service, and continued cleaning


  • Marketing (Traditional and Online)
  • Property Showings
  • Expert contract negotiation
  • Navigating a successful closing

Innovative and Customized Marketing Plans

  • Full and complete MLS listings covering all greater Los Angeles regions
  • Install large and prominent “For Sale” sign with stocked flyer holder
  • Implement email marketing plan that reaches our portfolio of investors, network of Realtors, area broker offices and list of in-market buyers
  • Hold broker and traditional open houses regularly
  • Feature asset on our website that receives over 20,000 thousand visitors every month searching for REO properties
  • Advertise asset on online real estate sites
  • Blanket neighborhood with “Just Listed” mailers
  • Advertise in local newspapers and in their online real estate section

Property Type Competencies

  • Residential (SFR, condominium & townhouse)
  • Multi-unit: duplex, 3 and 4 unit
  • Commercial
  • Mixed-Use
  • High crime, middle-class, and luxury neighborhoods
  • Renter/owner occupied or vacant

REO Platform Competencies: Equator (Platinum Certified), RES.NET (AMP Certified)